Now anyone can Talk

Google Talk is now open to everyone! Until now, users needed a Gmail account to use Google Talk. Now, anyone can use the service by creating a Google Account.

Happy Talking!

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Google Talk gives investors an edge

Hey, check out this press release by JPMorgan. I'm not an "institutional investor," but I still think it's pretty cool that they used our open platform to build a way for their clients to get updates as they're performing important trades. This isn't exactly one of the things we predicted when we launched Google Talk, but it just goes to show that there are way more useful things that people can do to enhance Google Talk than even we'd imagined.

Ana Yang
Product Marketing Manager

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Google Talk at Fall VON in Boston

I'll be taking part in a panel discussion entitled "IM: The State of Presence". This panel should be lively since the industry is increasingly supporting interoperability among IM networks. We're particularly excited about this topic--a lot of our recent steps and announcements, such as the agreement with eBay, and our efforts to enable presence in more places like the web and mobile devices like the Sony mylo, Nokia 770, and RIM BlackBerry--have been focused on interoperability. We think this idea will only gain more traction as instant communications becomes more important in our lives, and we're looking forward to what the other panelists will have to share on this topic.

I'll post my thoughts and hopefully some photos when I get back.

Mike Jazayeri
Product Manager, Google Talk

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