Tell us how you Talk

We want to hear how you're using Google Talk -- and we're looking for everything from the practical to the wacky. As in: did Google Talk help you get a date? Has it it reduced the cost of your small business communications? Is it easier to keep in touch with folks outside the country? Or maybe you used Google Talk to sing karaoke along with your friends in Korea ... You get the idea.

So please, send us your story. If you're especially cutting-edge, try shooting your story on video, upload it to Google Video, and send us the Google Video URL via the same form. We'll post some of the most interesting stories on the Google Talk site. Watch for those soon.

Lewis Lin
Product Marketing Manager, Google Talk

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Speex support

Interoperability is one of the biggest goals of Google Talk, so we've been committed to open standards from the very start. Google Talk furthers this commitment by offering support for Speex, the leading open-source voice codec.

When used with libjingle, Speex support provides developers the choice of another high-quality voice solution for interoperability with Google Talk. We also recommend Voice Engine Lite from our partner Global IP Sound.

Sean Egan
Software Engineer

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