Headsets: Making your Google Talk Experience Better

Using a headset can drastically improve your experience in making a Google Talk voice call.

I've often been in situations where I've tried to make calls to other Google Talk users using only my notebook PC's built-in microphones and speakers. While this works, it's not the best experience. Others around you can hear your conversation. Plus, the other side can hear nasty audio feedback that makes it hard to discern what you're trying to say.

We've tested many headsets on the market and we found three from Plantronics that we liked so much that we even added the Google Talk logo to them. You can purchase these headsets online at the Google Store.

The winning feature: a noise canceling microphone. This eliminates any audio feedback or echos you often get from using your PC's built in microphone and speakers. There are many other headsets you can use as well. You and your caller will appreciate the better sound quality... and prevent those Nosy Nellies around you from eavesdropping on your weekend gossip.

Wesley Chan
Product Manager

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Talk on Vista

You've been asking whether Google Talk will work on Windows Vista. Ask no more -- today we're releasing an update that makes it compatible with Vista. You don't have to do anything -- you'll get the new update automatically -- and whenever you upgrade to Vista, Google Talk will automatically work. We have also posted this new version on the Google Talk download page.

Just like other Windows OSs we support, Google Talk can be installed for all users or just a single user on a Windows Vista computer. In the past, Google Talk installed for all users on a computer by default. However, because of its new security features, the default install on a Vista computer will be for a single user.

Pankaj Kakkar
Software Engineer

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