Libjingle 0.3.0

If you're a developer interested in making voice calls compatible with Google Talk, you depend on two separate code components. First, you need an implementation of Google Talk's signaling and peer-to-peer protocol, which is currently being standardized as Jingle through the Jabber Software Foundation's JEP process. In December, we launched libjingle: the very code Google Talk uses to implement this protocol, distributed as a library for third-party developers. Since this release, we've witnessed a lot of amazing work being done based on this library, and we're very pleased with how it's been received.

The second requirement for third-party developers is a set of media componentry. For this task, the Google Talk client chose the high-quality GIPS Voice Engine from Global IP Sound (GIPS). This Tuesday, GIPS announced the formation of the GIPS Developer Community, which provides a "light" version of GIPS Voice Engine, called Voice Engine Lite. The libjingle 0.3.0 release, which we've just released today, includes optional support for GIPS Voice Engine Lite, so now developers have the choice to combine the high-quality peer-to-peer connections of libjingle with the powerful audio capabilities of GIPS Voice Engine Lite.

Sean Egan
Software Engineer

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