Google Talk on the Nokia 770

Nokia has just announced that the upcoming N770 Internet Tablet OS release will include Google Talk. The WiFi device enables Google Talk messaging and VoIP calls between N770 tablets and PCs (or of course with other N770s). You just connect to a WiFi network, then chat or place free calls using Google Talk as you normally would. Except now you can do so from cafes, airports, schools, offices - from any WiFi hotspot or network - without your PC.

This is the first device of its kind to leverage both XMPP and Libjingle to bring quality mobile calling to Google Talk users. I just tried and it sounds great! It's exciting to put communications directly in the hands of users no matter where they are.

Since the launch of Google Talk, we've received a steady stream of inquiries about IM and VoIP for mobile. We believe in the value of an open communications platform that puts tools in the creative hands of developers who understand what their mobile users want. I've been working with many who are building fun and impressive applications on this platform and I'm excited to see these results continue to unveil. We invite device manufacturers and developers alike to leverage these tools.

Looking forward to what the rest of this year will hold!

Mary Himinkool
New Business Development

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Google Talk learns new languages

We are pleased to announce the beta release of Google Talk in 13 new languages: UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish. Check out the language selection in the upper-right portion of the page.

We welcome all the native speakers of these newly supported languages to the Google Talk community. In case you missed it, Gmail Chat is also now available in 17 new languages.

As with any beta, we are eager for your feedback. How did we do on the translations? Do we support your locale input methods as you expect? Any great ideas for how we can offer a more optimized experience for your language or region? Let us know.

Finally, if you want to meet some of the many new Google Talk users around the world, we recommend you check out this site which lets you create and browse profiles of Google Talk users in virtually any country.

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