YT?...Google Talk for BlackBerry

I was at CES last week with the Google Talk team and several people asked me if Google Talk would be available on cell phones and other mobile devices. I said absolutely, since that's one of the goals of the open platform on which we built Google Talk. We believe that users should have their choice in client, platform, and service provider. We'd like them to have the ability to communicate on the devices they find most useful.

Email is my primary means of communicating, so I'm an avid Blackberry user. For those quick conversations though, IM sometimes fits the bill better. It's a bit more personal and often more efficient. Now I can have both. I'm particularly excited to see Research in Motion announce Google Talk for Blackberry, taking communication one step further with useful features like the integration of IM and the email inbox. The ability to manage contact lists and view buddy presence is also useful and I am much more likely to stay in touch with my friends and coworkers now in hand. The client will be available for download in about a month.

As I continue to work with many Google Talk partners, I'm thrilled to see so many rich ideas and innovations from the developer community. It's so rewarding to work on a product that begins with solid vision and broadens as a result of the community's creativity. I look forward to seeing what we can continue to achieve together.

Mary Himinkool
New Business Development

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