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When I first started using Google Talk with fellow Googlers, I enjoyed its incredible voice clarity and reliability. Unfortunately, when I came home to share this cool new Google tool with my friends and family, I realized that I was limited in the amount of friends I could talk to. Most of them did not have a microphone on their computer and the ones that did weren't always getting the greatest user experience. I took my findings back to the Google Talk team and of course they already had a solution in mind: offer Google Talk headsets, so anyone with a computer can check out the voice features of Google Talk. I offered to lend a hand, and we began talking to Plantronics to see if there was a way to deliver their high quality products to our users at an affordable price.

Those discussions have lead to the creation of a few different models of Google Talk headsets. We are now featuring three headsets in the Google Store:

I have gotten many of my friends to buy one, and I wanted to let all of the Google Talk users know that they are now on sale in the Google Store. I'm now beginning to talk to those friends and family that I originally could not reach for one great price: Free!

Ronny Conway

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