How to send chats (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)

When I first saw a green dot by my dad’s name in the chat box, I was excited to finally be able to chat with him rather than pick up the phone or send an email. I messaged him a few times, but never got a response. It wasn’t until I went home for the holidays and asked him why he never answered that I found out that he always saw my messages, but really had no idea how to go about sending or responding to chat messages them.

With a bit of tutoring and practice, my dad has become quite the master chatter, messaging me at all hours of the day, telling me to go to bed at night and asking me if I’ve gotten enough sleep in the morning.

We at Google love using technology in our daily lives and want to share that with our loved ones so we can connect whether we’re right next door or hundred of miles apart. is a site we’ve created to send basic how-to videos to our families. Here’s a video I created on how to use chat:

For more videos or to send videos to your loved ones, visit Have a safe and happy holidays!

Posted By Allen Huang, Associate Product Manager

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