You talk, We listen

When I tell people that I work at Google, they always say, “Oh! You must love the food!” But what I really love is the collaboration between people and teams to produce the best experience for our users. The most recent version of Google Talk is a classic example of this team effort.

You may remember my blog post back in late April. I talked about some of the areas of Google Talk that the engineering and support teams were working together on improving. Now that we have a new version out, I thought I might highlight a few:

• ☑ Bug fixes: We’ve cleaned up the bugs mentioned in Wikipedia, along with a bunch that you all helped find. (Thanks again for reporting!)
• ☑ Better error messaging: You should now see ‘learn more’ links on many of our error messages, and you can always find the latest troubleshooting information here.
• ☑ New features: Of course! After a 1347% increase in suggestion submissions following my last post, there was no denying the numbers. Your #1 feature request was file transfer, which we’re happy to have launched. Look for updates to the form, and make sure to vote again!

Now, we’re off to the next version. I can’t tell you what your #2 and 3 suggestions were, but I do know that they’re on the way. Also, look for more improvements to the Help Center and Talk Help Discuss group.

Keep chatting!

Jeanne DeWitt
Online Operations Associate

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