Twittering with Google Talk

What are you doing right now? It's a pretty simple question. Me? I'm writing this post. Maybe you're "eating a magnolia cupcake," or "at work, but shopping online." Or maybe you're "thinking of how to use the word of the day in a sentence: polypropolene."

Twitter is a site that makes it easy to let the world know what you're doing, and see what other people are up to in a fun, social environment. You can think of it as low-effort mini-blogging. And you can update your status with even less effort by using Google Talk. Just add to your contact list and shoot off an IM to it about how you're "cooking up some spicy chicken jambalaya" or "walking the cat." (Cats can go on walks, too.)

You can also use Talk with Twitter on a mobile device. Using the RIM Blackberry Google Talk Client you can quickly and easily send status updates to Twitter, and we'll all know how you're shoveling yourself out of a foot of snow. Advanced apologies to our NYC office, we've got sun here in Mountain View.

Add to your Google Talk contacts to check it out.

Bill Kee
Associate Product Marketing Manager

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